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Experience the Ecstasy of Traditional Indian Attire. Unleash your inner-beauty with beautiful drapes, dresses and jewellery specially curated for you.

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Rangvarsha brings India’s most authentic, exquisite and mesmerized fabric collection of Banarasi Silk Sarees, Madhubani, Bhagalpuri, Taant, Dress and many more to the world.

Specialized in Hand woven and Hand Painted Authentic traditional material.

Finely curated products ranges from Sarees, Dress, Jewellery and Home Fursnishings.

Rangvarsha is a perfect amalgam of culture and tradition of Varanasi woven into pure Banarasi sarees that is loved and cherished by the majority. Every masterpiece is hand woven with love and brings attractive and unique design.

Our Banarasi collection is known for its intricate and heavy silk handwoven sarees with Silk mark certification.

We proudly carry the legacy of Banarasi sarees in a contemporary way where every masterpiece is customized and reflects the true spirit of our craftsmanship.

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Latest Collection Update

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